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Our Mission:
To inspire C-Suite executives to implement and sustain their selected strategies to grow revenue, reduce costs and provide shareholder value.

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Strategy execution: alignment and mobilisation
 Transformation Journey mapping and execution
 Change management support and tools
 Executive and executive team assessment and coaching
 Organisation development and design
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Why choose us:
Powerful strategy assessment and strategy implementation tools
World class business leadership alignment approach
Return on investment from our programmes
Change management consulting and change management services
Proven strategy planning record with strong C-suite recommendations
Associates each with over twenty years of experience
Well established and successful Partner Consulting firms

Why strategies often fail
The best-laid strategies of any organisation are useless without proper implementation. This is far from straightforward, however, as corporate strategy is by its nature conceptual and often complex.

Here’s what the Executives* said:

'Our organisations are failing to execute new strategies' 44%
'Our organisations don’t have the right execution skills' 59%
'There is a large gap between strategy formulation and strategy execution' 61%
'Strategy execution will become more important in the future' 88%
'Our organisations don’t develop strategy execution skills internally' 89%

*Source – The Economist Intelligent Unit
Fortune 1000 Companies. Sample – 587 Execs, 52% C-suite, 48% Senior Managers

Strategies fail because the C-suite executives focus on:
Delivery of short term results and not paying sufficient attention to implementation processes.
Operational challenges rather than oversight, communication and support for strategic initiatives.
Doing everything on the list instead of selecting higher priority strategic projects and ensuring resourcing for them.
Moving to the new vision and transformation without formalising and standardising processes to analyse and record lessons learned.
Pushing next level senior executives to perform better rather than hiring and developing strategy execution skills.

Associates & Alliances
What clients say
  Antony Sipho Sibanda
Chief Executive Officer @ Generator And Plant Hire (SA)

Jeff’s approach to strategy is one of the most realistic, simple, yet dynamic approaches i have experienced in over 15 years of being involved with corporate strategy and vision execution. His team takes time to learn the business, role players and individuals involved before getting the team in one room to unpack the journey and how it relates to all stakeholders. This tactful approach quickly exposes weak links in the team, perceptions that need clarity and any mis-alignment on the vision and road-map for the business. Time is then dedicated to building a tangible strategic trajectory the entire team identifies with and takes ownership for milestones in execution. My business would not have survived the last 12 months without Jeff’s support and input, period!

  Richard Edzeame
Operations Director, SABMiller Ghana

“Jeff is great at energizing people to look beyond the now and extract the very best out of themselves and the situations in which they find themselves. He is also great at getting people to believe in themselves and dedicated to his work and to developing people. I absolutely enjoyed working with him and I have no doubt in his ability to succeed at whatever it is that he puts his mind to.”

  Louisa Oschmann
Independent Marketer

I took a mixed basket with years of experience, wisdom, value-add, expertise and frustration to Jeff’s door and with calm and collective business insight, he sifted through the mix and found a clear path to a practical, strategic process. There is real, solid, measurable value in the “Lomey Method”, regardless of the size of your business or challenge

  Ramon Nadira
Power Delivery Consultant, Houston, USA

“I have known Jeff in a professional capacity for over 20 years now. We have worked together in a number of consulting engagements in Africa. I have always been impressed by Jeff’s ability to listen to the customer to fully understand his/her needs prior to developing his recommendations, which invariably are both clever and practical.

Jeff has a direct and clear communication style and is very dependable. I always think of Jeff when needing a strong partner in matters related to the design of organizations and their human resource dimension, especially for companies in the power system sector.”

  Raed Ahmad
Chief Executive Officer, MTN Yemen

“On behalf of my team, I would like to say “Thank You” for all the outstanding support you have provided us with during the course of our Global Learning Program (GAP), you were definitely an inspiration to us all. At times, we really doubted ourselves, and wondered whether or not we could continue, but you have always found ways to pull us back together and I must say that is how we were able to complete our project.

The skill and years of experience shared with us as lead action learning coach on the MTN Global leadership development programme is greatly appreciated. I would recommend other organisations to use action learning teams to develop their leaders and achieve spectacular results in such a short time”

  Ian Heard
Sales Lead @ Microsoft Australia
I was fortunate enough for Jeff to be my team’s coach during our Group Leadership Development Program. During this time Jeff provided my team and I key guidance and feedback which enabled us to consciously evaluate and accelerate our immediate performance and ongoing potential.

Jeff brings a fantastic mix of direct questioning which can stop you in your tracks and take stock of your actions with more profound techniques which provide you the opportunity to reflect on your approach.

His ongoing connection with his past students also demonstrates his commitment to seeing through his work and his commitment to results.

  Ken Han
CEO/Co-founder/Board Member at Metaplan China
“It’s an easy job to work with Jeff. He is more than professional, creative and inspirational. He not only knows how to provide you with the most appropriate solutions you desire but also he is a master for creating a beautiful life for people he knows and meets.”

Jeff has a direct and clear communication style and is very dependable. I always think of Jeff when needing a strong partner in matters related to the design of organizations and their human resource dimension, especially for companies in the power system sector.”

  Jason Cumberland
General Manager, IaaS Sales & Services at Dimension Data and Board of Governors at Nebraska Wesleyan University
I spent a week in an intensive leadership course with Jeff as my personal coach. It is difficult to sufficiently convey just how impactful the experience was… It combined practical leadership advice, amazing team building, and an intense psychological learning experience. I believe the latter was the most valuable to me, as the coaching we did before and throughout helped me to understand how I work in groups and how to build a highly functioning team. It also helped me think at a much deeper level about what makes for effective people leadership and how I can use my skills to motivate our teams to a common cause. Last by not least, the group of people in our team and in the wider group was world-class. It was a privilege to meet them all, to work with Jeff, and to experience the amazing Dimension Data culture in Johannesburg. I highly recommend Jeff’s work.

  Raimund Snyders
CEO Mutual & Federal

“Jeff’s contribution to leading change in our business has made a visible contribution to our progress. His approach to deeply understand the business environment and context, then connect with people, listen and guide; working across the typical hierarchies in business, leads to him being an effective change manager. Most of all, he also knows when he has done his bit, and when it’s time to hand over the reins.”

  Shahid Solomon
Chief Innovation Officer
Jeff is an immaculate and visionary strategic facilitator. The lessons that he taught me in emotional intelligence and building my management team stayed with me for years.

  Letsema Consulting
Letsema Consulting is a business strategy and transformation consultancy.
At Letsema Consulting we apply our extensive experience as management consultants to identify complex business issues and challenges. We work together with our clients from design through implementation to create meaningful and tangible solutions.

  Resolve Consulting
Resolve is a subsidiary of Imperial Holdings, a Top 40 JSE listed company and a consolidation of Volition,  e-Logics and several companies geared to moving people, products and businesses forward through entrepreneurial innovation, inspiration and foresight.

  Gordon Institute of Business Science
As the business school for business, we focus on general management in dynamic markets to significantly improve responsible individual and organisational performance, primarily in the South African environment and increasingly in our broader African environment, through the provision of high quality business and management education.

Strategy Execution Model
Strategy Execution Model

“Everything should be made
as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

“Companies with great strategy execution show stronger financial results than competitors. Companies, in a fast changing technology world, differentiate themselves in the marketplace by rapid & effective strategy execution.
Leadership capability to execute the chosen strategy is the key to unlocking financial value.”Jeff Lomey - Managing Member
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