Believe Belong Behave

believe belong behave jeff lomey associates

Is everyone in your business co-operating to make your strategy stick?

If not here are three simple ideas to help.

  1. Believe. Imagine what it took to put a man on the moon. Imagine the belief it took to convince a government to fund. The scientists who believed the possibility. The engineers who believed they could build. The astronauts who believed they would live. And if not would die for it. Never in the history of humankind was such a strategic journey undertaken. This journey would not succeed without belief.

Top tips for CEO’s: Is your strategic journey clear and compelling? Is your strategic destination Future State solidly defined? Is your leadership team strategically aligned?

2. Belong. Imagine how the people who had to make the rocket and put astronauts inside and fly it to the moon felt. Imagine the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly focus and dedication they had. Imagine the success they dreamed of. And that they had somehow made a difference in the world. This journey would not succeed without thousands of people feeling that they could make a difference.

Top tips for CEO’s: Do your customers, employees, suppliers and board members feel like they are part of the strategic journey? Do they feel they can make a difference every day, month, year to your compelling Future State? Do they think and feel like they belong?

3. Behave. Do you think the people that built and flew the rocket to the moon had a performance management system? Did they need to be motivated by their supervisors every day? Did they need a culture change intervention? I’m sure you get my message.

Top tip for CEO’s: Our research shows that top CEO’s spend 50% of their time on strategy execution. Check your diary, count the hours. Strategy execution is not handed over the next level to implement. Do you hand it over? Are you as good as your competitors in executing strategy? Is strategy execution (not only strategy planning) a role on your executive team?

If we believe and we belong we behave in amazing ways.

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