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Organisation Capability Assessment©

What questions should be asked to assess the organisations capability to execute it’s strategy?
These are divided in Four categories:

Human Work System Assessment

Have we identified the external forces driving and constraining the execution?
Have we identified changes to information systems to support execution?
Have we modified the information systems?
Have we identified critical operations processes to enable the execution?
Have we identified policies and procedures that help or hinder execution?
Have we identified critical roles to execute different aspects and phases of the plan?
Have we identified critical resources to execute different aspects and phases of the plan?
Have we identified critical capabilities to execute different aspects and phases of the plan?
If so, for each of above do we have “fan the flames” and risk mitigation plans

Leadership Execution Skills Assessment

Do our leaders responsible for execution have these characteristics?
Task achievement (more than people) orientation.
Faces conflict head on.
Highly skilled with ALL kinds of people.
Able to adapt fast when the situation changes.
Skilled at dealing with resistance to change.
Shares feelings, opinions with clarity and conviction.
Gains buy-in by exploring alternative ideas to reach solutions that have support from opposing parties.
Leads courageously to make decisions in the face of dissent.

Organisation Learning Ability Assessment

Have we discussed and evaluated our track record of execution?
Do we know what has worked and why and what has failed and why?
Do we have a formal process for learning and capturing learning?
Have we designed feedback loops into our execution framework to make sure that we learn from the past?
Do we use questioning and reflection techniques?
Do we use hypotheses, iterations and learning from action?
Do we have regular structured learning sessions?

Strategy Execution Infrastructure Assessment

Does everyone understand the vision, strategy, direction and reason for change?
Is everything we need (resources, systems, staff, structure) for the journey?
Does everyone know the 5 to 7 absolutely critical imperatives to be achieved?
Are all the stakeholders identified and are they onboard?
Are the communication channels identified and operational?
Are the monitoring and measuring processes in place?
Are our leaders/sponsors capable to lead the execution of the strategy?
Do we have enough leaders/sponsors to execute the strategy?
Have we appointed and trained those who own the new processes and results therof?
Have we identified and tasked teams of line managers/change agents to execute imperatives?
Do we hire, develop, keep and reward leaders who have specific execution skills?
Have we built support infrastructure (systems, processes, staff) to sustain the changes? all the efforts

What gets measured gets done!
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